PS4 Battlefield: Hardline Review

I played the multiplayer beta months ago when it was released. At the time, the game was pretty bug ridden and obviously feature robbed, but that's kind of what to expect from a beta release. At least I got to try it, however, I was really looking forward to trying the single player campaign.

As a preamble, I have always loved Battlefield games. I remember as a young pup playing the original Battlefield on PC. I was always so impressed with how much could be done and the map size. It was unprecedented at the time. I also remember spending hours upon hours on Battlefield 2 with my buddies. I was completely amazed when Battlefield 4 was released on PS4. The game play was amazing, the graphics, the gun handling, the environment, and of course the military vehicles you could commandeer.

I must warn you, this game takes a LONG time to install. I threw in this game, walked away for an hour or so, and came back but was still only able to play the prologue.

The prologue started off in a prison bus, a place where no cop ever wants to be sitting. We will leave it at that. As soon as it started loading, the song "Sound of Da Police" from KRS One came on to get your blood pumping. It quickly tapers off to 3 years earlier as your fresh on the scene commencing your first bust. You burst into a room, make a few arrests, and things quickly go haywire. You end up hood sliding, of course, and chasing a fleeing suspect in a car.

The whole game is set up like your favorite drama cop show. It chapters, or rather, episodes. I was rather impressed with the graphics for the most part. Faces and bodies seem to be rather realistic, environments look like true ran down buildings, and the intensity of a fire fight is a nice touch. I was rather unimpressed with graphics inside of the car, the street, and during the whole pursuit.

Game play wise, I liked the movement of the characters. The gun control felt easy but still fluid. The car controls were very arcadic, but we aren't playing GTA here.

The only thing that has come to mind at the moment is child hood memories of watching Die Hard. I feel like John McClane. You know, I once told my mom at like the age of 10 that I needed an aspirin because of a hangover. Thanks for that, John. Anyway we are off topic here.

As I played through the levels, I began to see the failed points in the type of game play. The searching for evidence is annoying at best and pretty much involves using your scanner to "find" evidence objects that glow bright green to "scan". Arresting people turns out to be more of a headache than an adventure. The story line so far is slightly predictable, but I do enjoy the fresh take on the series.

I would suggest you try this game for sure. You can buy it fairly cheap at the moment. I give it a: 83/100