PS4 Fallout 4 Review

You know, as of writing this artical I have still yet to play Fallout and Fallout 2 - what's up with that? Either way, years ago I slipped Elder Scrolls:Oblivion into my Playstation 3 system and fell in love with Bethesda Studios. After months of well spent time in my life, I found Fallout 3. Then New Vegas. Now I have this jewel.

The game was surrounded by much hype. I watched game trailers - I loved the idea of having a awesome pup companion, but I wasn't so fancy on the futuristic weapon models. Obviously, a big part about the games criticism is the sub-par character graphics, dialog screens, and irritating bugs that Bethesda is known for. When I refer to bugs, I am not talking about molerats and bloatflys, although the Fallout series is also known for those as well.

First impressions - I really thought the opening scenes were pretty cool. Designing your character's appearance in the bathroom as your wife/husband comments on your nose was interesting. The landscape looked beautifully horid in the post appocalyptic world. That is a compliment, by the way.

The single best addition to the game for me was the weapons modding station. I had countless hours of fun crafting weapons. It became an addiction searching for proper components and leveling up to access the gunnut perks. You can make some pretty cool combinations, but it seemed that as soon as I made an attachment for my weapon the next chest I found had one in it with the same mod that I could have stolen. Not a coincednce, I am assuming once I unlocked the mod it then becomes more prevelant in the wasteland. I also miss having the "repair" skill, degradation of weapons, and ability to use other weapons to repair your main one.

The second most useful addition was the crafting and armorers bench. I hated trying to find recipets to cook ingredients and the armorers bench makes modifying armor easy with plenty of choices of effects with advancement in the armorers perk.

The third most useful, or rather fun, addition is the power armor. I mean, whats not to like? I feel like Terminator. The first use of the armor with the minigun was epic, but I haven't used the suit much since.

Finally, another large addition was the workshop mode to build your base. I feel like I wasted a lot of time scrapping junk and building structures is frusterating at times because of a clunky system. However, I think it will add some much need replay value in the future. Right now, it feels more like a task. How to properly power things was confusing until I reached the castle. Even then, I couldn't figure out how to get a light to turn on but then relized I didnt have enough generators. The game just failes to tell you everything.

I enjoyed clearing out buildings, finding treasures, collecting junk to scrap, and selling off other stuff. Like always, it becomes very repetitive. Mission objectives seem to repeat themselves. The game became pretty easy when battling anything in small amounts with exception to the the various boss battles.

I would suggest you get this game. This might be rated higher than it should just because of a legacy... I give it a: 89/100