PS4 Far Cry 4 Review

I just want to start off saying I really enjoyed the first 20 minutes of this game. It was an edge of your seat excitingness that drove me to the next objective. It sported impressive graphics and a wonderful alotment of neat tricks of its sleeve.

You start off on that ragdy bus that gets attacked by the main protagonist. Again, the graphics and sounds were amazing. It was what I expected from a game of this generation. I really enjoyed Far Cry 3's graphics on the PC as well. The protagonist takes you back to his mansion, and eventually you get evacuated by friendlies risking their life for you. Everything feels so violent and exciting. You come across a gun and finally mow down your adversarys with horrible efficiency as if your character has never fired a gun before.

But, after those 20 minutes of excitement, the games dullness really sets in. There are ways to progress the skills of your character, which some of these skills are very cool, but rather useless. You get to buy and unlock different weapons that allow customization, but yet there is a real lack of choice.

You run around and do the same thing every objective. It gets quite boring, although the hang glider was pretty impressive. Overall, I didn't play this game long enough to see an ending and to be honest, I don't really care if I ever get to see it. The game had nothing to offer to keep a busy married man engaged in the action.

I give it a.... 49 / 100