PS4 Madden 2016 Review

Lets start off with this - I am a huge Madden fan. Maybe not lately, but when looking back at my lifetime I have played a lot of Madden games. I feel almost as if I am a collector - I have every year of Madden NFL since the beginning. UPDATE: Had.

The game starts off in the middle of Superbowl 50 between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. You take control of Rothlesberger late in the 2nd quarter to throw a game leading touchdown. That puts Steelers up by 7. It gives you a glimpse of how to use the new aggressive catch button. But in true Steelers fashion, things start to fall apart in the 2nd Half. They fall down by 12. It allows you to take over a cornerback and intercept Carson Palmers throw and run to a Touchdown to bring the game close. Onside kick recovery and the Steelers might just stand a chance. Now, you've got full control of Rothlisberger but it does tell you where to throw the ball. A huge touchdown by Antonio, and the Steelers win it all!

During the first scenario your exposed to, its very easy for a first time player to figure out what is going on. The emotion seems real. The game feels alive.

As soon as that is over with, you're thrown into the skills trainer. I have noticed the last few years that the game has evolved into much more complication - or that I do not have the time to comprehend everything that is offered. Gone are the days of button mashing and primarily good play calling. Now, there are so many controls that will effect the way your quarterback throws to the way your receiver catches the ball. Even defense seems more complicated. I remember when the hit stick came out. I started primarily controlling the MLB and I could devastate the run game but i find it much harder these days.

I decided not to wait much longer - I jumped right into Madden Ultimate Team. This has always been one of my favorite online gaming modes built into the Madden franchise lately. At first, it was very fun. I had a blast picking my starting team, collecting coins, buying packs, completing tasks, and playing foes. Started playing the seasons mode where you play as your MUT team to see if you can make it into the playoffs. You play against other people with similar rank or team - or so I thought. More on that later... Once you reach the playoff rounds, you begin to play other people within your rank that are also in a playoff round so naturally the games get a little more difficult.

It seemed like most people accumulated a great team in a matter of days. I kept low level guys around through all the contracts while saving my coins. Madden started matching me up against players with impressive teams that I was able to beat with my sub par 65-75 overall people. The scammers weren't so popular at first, but of course the more I played I ran into them eventually. Pre first patch they would use a gold Calvin Johnson, air it out, and make a spectacular catch with about 85% success. I decided to invest in a stiffer defense but the fun level kept in a spiral downfall. The better of a team I assembled, the better of teams I matched against. Always felt as if I gained nothing in a star player until a point that every player is a star versus a team that has a similar built.

I gave up on online and jumped into an offline franchise. I grind through the first year into the offseason. I started grinding through another year - it just wasn't fun anymore.

I love Madden football. I recommend this game. I was impressed by the player motions, catches, tackles, and overall handling. The commentary was mostly reused from last year with some added highlights. The camera breaks and flowing celebrations was a nice change. I won't give this game a bad rating because my inability to stay involved with video games as I have aged.

I give this title a 85/100.