PS4 The Order : 1886

I received this game in the mail the other day, and I must admit I was not eager to begin playing it. This type of game really doesn't float my boat but I figured I might as well give it a shot and see if I like it.

This game has garnered a lot of negative attention due to the length of this single player game. Most feel that it is not worth $60 to buy when it may only take you 10 hours to beat it. The best counter argued point is that it doesn't matter how long a game is as long as it has replay value and a good story.

Ill make my long story short... I will never reach the end of the game. I will never complain about short play through time. This game turned me off as soon as I loaded it into the console.

The game features poor graphics for this generation. I was "OK" with what was going on early on at the start of the game. It was interesting to wake up being tortured. It quickly lost my interest.

OK, I can look past sub-par graphics, after all I have been doing it for years. I still enjoy playing older games. The game mechanics feel child like. As a grown adult, I feel like I really can't shoot how I want or move how I want. Shooting was really lackluster.

My first encounter with a half breed was... boring. This wolf basically runs at you, an on screen prompt tells you to press "X" and my character dodges it. The pup runs away and attempts the same thing again in the same manner. I have to press "X" to predictably dodge the beast again. It never tries any other attack. I basically shoot and dodge. If you get hit by the beast, you fall down as if the pup was a wrecking ball. The process repeats itself.

I finished out the scene, chased it through the streets and took it out. After that, I had decided I had wasted enough of my time and I'll be sending this rented game back ASAP.

My review rating: 52/100