PS4 Project Cars Review

Being out of the racing genre for so long, I was excited to give this game a try. I remember spending countless hours playing Gran Tourismo 2 as a young lad.

The game installed very quickly and I was playing it very shortly after putting the disc in. I was a little dumbfounded by the lack of menu options and paths to choose, but what could I expect from a racing game anyway.

I figured that I should jump right in to the deep end off the bat. I selected the professional driver difficulty. This setting forces you to manual shift your car and turns off stability assists. It also turns on realistic damage, realistic tire wear, fuel consumption, and smarter more diverse AI.

I also jumped right in to a career. I even started at the bottom. What a bummer, I have to drive a pro cart. It was actually quite fun. I quickly learned to control the throttle to avoid a spinout on turns. I learned how to pitch into turns with a manual trans. I also learned if I downshifted to quickly I would blow up the engine - neat!

I had restart race after race because a single mistake would basically end it for me since I was using low-lap counts. I went through an entire season and got offered a contract to the next series.

I think manual transmission is the way to go. I could more easily control deacceleration and RPM retention through turns without accelerating. The pit crew was kind of awesome too. For a racing simulation, I think this game hits the spot.

I was impressed with the minor tuning details you could do such as adjusting tire pressures, but I was also bummed that there were no upgrades or customization. Once I started racing cars, I began to tire of the game. It was literally the same thing over and over with no real progression as far aquiring something. The graphics were pretty good as well.

My review rating for a racing simulation is: 82/100