PS4 The Golf Club Review

I didn't really know much about this game, but I recieved it in the mail from my favorite video game rental supplier GameFly. In my spare time I try to review as many games I can, and this one just happened to be on the list.

As a preamble, I play very little golf in real life. It was something I decided to try one day and I stuck with it for a bit. I am not very good - laughable at best. I always enjoyed playing the Tiger Woods series back when I was younger. I even ventured into playing with the playstation move.

The game virtually took no time to install. There was a sizable update pending, but I decided to just jump in the game and start. There wasn't many choices to fool with. I just jumped right into a season and choose the only option available at the time - beginner season.

The course jumped on the screen. The commentator had some good "comments". Every lousy shot I made he produced some snide comment. It was enjoyable. When I made a good shot, he said in an unexcited voice "Good Shot."

It only took a few holes to get the swing of things. You like how I did that? The swing of things. Swinging is very easy. It takes hardly no skill. Pull back, hold as long as you like, and push forward straight.

I felt rather unimpressed by the gameplay. I just remember Tiger Woods games being less blan and more exciting. The graphics were ok, borderline subpar. But its just a golfing game. Some people lve this game. Its all in the wrist, I guess.

My review rating early in game play: 58/100