PS4 The Witcher: Wild Hunt Review

After seeing some of the previews for the game, I was definitely wanting to give The Witcher a try. It does take up the usual 30GB or so of storage space.

As a preamble, I have never played any of the Witcher games before. This series is new to me. The start of the game is essential a story line describing the horrible world in which the main character lives in. Its very interesting and displays a gallery of semi-animated comic book like pictures.

The game immediately gives you a few options on the difficulty level, which is a nice feature to include. I like that most games include "easy" modes and "brutal" modes. Reminds me of the good ol' days of Doom.

Lets just say that I was immediately set off a bit with the graphics. I mean, the landscape looks pretty darn convincing but the people and beasts are not the graphical strong suit of the game. I did not enjoy watching the poorly done characters up close. I will say, however, that their movements throughout the world are done rather accurately and fluidly.

Within the first few minutes of game play, I did come across some graphical errors. For example, while going down a ladder I saw a stuck garment of clothing, hovering in mid air, that seemed to be from the little girl but thankfully she wasn't missing anything herself. I also noticed several framerate drops that seemed to be mostly tied with cut scenes. Oh, and their are PLENTY of cutscenses.

I did enjoy the dialog choices. So far, none of the dialogue choices seem to effect anything, but I am sure they will later. It basically allows you to skip large parts of detailed stories if your not interested.

Combat and movement during the included training missions was fairly easy and straight forward, but it seems that certain buttons should be mapped differently to my taste. I didn't even look to see if that was a possibility.

I had this gut feeling while playing that I was playing some sort of version of Elder Scrolls without the player customization choices. It's too bad that any important NPC interactions practically involve a loading screen.

My review rating early in game play: 70/100