PS4 Zombie Army Trilogy Review

I have always been a big fan of zombie movies and games ever since I played Resident Evil as a young boy. I remember staring at the tube television for hours in a deep frightened state. Every year just got more exciting. Then something amazing happened - Call of Duty comes out with a mysterious mode at the end of the single player game called Nazi Zombies. It was genious.

Each iteration they made at that point improved upon the gameplay. They added more traps, more guns, better more diverse levels. I fell in love. I spent may hours playing the original by myself, and then I spent many hours playing online in the later versions.

Naturally, I was excited when this game was coming to the Playstation 4. I haven't played a game like it in a long while, so I was excited for this game.

Thats where my excitement ended. The game was alright. It played like it was a little off. It really didn't impress me much. The graphics were nothing special. The gun handling was poor. It seemed that headshots were inconsistant. It felt more like an arcade game.

I started the campaign mode. It basically had you walk through the levels killing zombies that spawned from the ground. It was nothing extremely fun.

I also played the horde mode. Because of my past game experiences, this was the game mode of choice. I had to get used to the control scheme, it was a little unorthodox. You start with a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun, and a few grenades. Very decent set of weapons for a start I thought. After about the first stage of zombies, the rifle became pretty useless because the use of the scope. It goes back to the poor gun handling mechanics because it wouldn't be as bad if you could maintain good amounts of headshots. The handgun was easiy to use. You could acheive headshots with ease, but ammo seemed to be it's biggest issue. Shotguns were great - you could take out multiple enemies at a time.

The game got harder the more waves you survived. Each wave would open up certain parts of the level where you could usually find weapons laying around. The zombies became faster, bigger, and more armoured. Some of them even carried guns. You eventually encounter a sniper zombie that jumps around inaccessible areas shooting you if you stand still; It was annoying at best.

Overall, I felt that this game just didn't live up to expectations set by Call Of Dutie's Nazi Zombie game mode. I give this game a 65/100.