Computer Repair Experts!

I have established this new business as of January 2011. I am the owner and my name is Brad Earlywine. I have always been interested in computers even though I pursued a different career. I am currently an ASE Certified Mechanic at a Ford repair facility. My current job is full time so I only have the better part of the night available. That is why I make after hours service calls. All repair work is done after hours as well. Between my full time job, this business, and my family I have no free time.

When I was a little tot, I remember my mother brining in a brand new Packard Bell personal computer sporting a high performance 75mhz processor and Windows 95. Ever since, it was difficult to seperate me from any computer. I found great interest in playing with settings and seeing how it changed the way the computer performed. It slowly progressed to the point where I would build my own computers, and tear down and repair my own laptops.

A sister website that I built, manage, and run is That site is more geared toward my other passion of automotive repair.

This is a federally registered business and we have a state registered retail merchant tax certificate. We would glady show you if you must see it. We collect sales tax. We do not have a brick and mortar store front.


You can contact me if need be at