We are begining to offer gaming reviews...

I really enjoy giving my personal opinion when it isn't needed, so just recently I have decided to start writing reviews on games. The gaming market is huge at the moment, but my taste in games has taken a sour turn. I don't feel as if games fit my tastes as they used to back ten years ago so I am affraid I am more of a critic than a reviewer. Lets just give this a shot. My goal is draw an audience and build traffic. Hopefully everything goes well.m


Best Review Additions -

Fallout 4 (11/15/15)
Madden NFL 2016 (08/29/15)
Zombie Armies Trilogy (07/15/15)
Battlefield: Hardline (05/26/15)
The Witcher: Wild Hunt (05/26/15)
The Order:1886 (05/17/15)
Dying Light (04/30/15).

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